February 22, 2013

Start your own Swimming Business?

I had my own swimming lesson business in my back yard for over 30 summers!  If you have a pool you might be able to have your own swimming lesson business.  I can help you!

In this article by Aquatics International  swimmers are encouraged to "Jump in!
The industry has lucrative careers for young people passionate about swimming."

If you want to make it a full time career, I agree with the article that it is complicated and can be expensive to start.  But, you can do this for the summers only and don't have to invest a lot of money.

"Once you’ve decided you can handle the high-octane environment that is a swimming business, you’ll need to thoroughly explore all the options. Opportunities in this industry aren’t often exposed, resulting in a highly unrecognized career path. However, there are multiple arenas out there, and you must be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone to scrutinize each one individually and determine what is right for you."

From my own experience, I had very little overhead and lots of profit.  I can teach you how to keep it simple and fun! I am retired and not in the pool teaching swimming myself any more.  I want to help others now.  I have my dvd with the swimming lesson steps, for the instructors and parents and time.  I would also love to have excuses to travel and would come to your town for free advertising when you start.

"The most common reason people give for their love affair with swimming instruction is the instant gratification factor. You can teach a child to read, play music and dance ballet, which are all great things, but they also are long-term processes that can take years to acquire. With swimming, however, one day the child is frightened; the next day, they can do it. It’s the best feeling in the world, which is perhaps why it draws people back year after year."

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  1. Hi,
    The swimmer master side is the strongest side thus during the breathing phase, it will be easy for the swimmer to roll their body to breather.Thank you.
    Swimming lessons for autism

  2. Looking to start swim lessons in our backyard any suggestions. We have no background of owning our own business but are very qualified to start.

  3. I have taught swim lessons for two years and business has picked up slowly but surely. I know instructors that make a years teacher salary just in the summer months with swim lessons. So I am hopeful.


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