January 14, 2018

Swim with your child during the cooler months!

Kids forget how to swim when they learn under 5 years old.  It is imperative to take your baby swimming to an indoor pool during the cooler months. Learning to swim is not like learning to ride a bike.  Children often develop a fear of the pool from year to year.  Parents get so busy with the holidays, and the cold weather does not make it appealing to go swimming!

The last time I took Caroline swimming at my neighbor's pool, she was so cold that I couldn't coax her to jump in!  She put her feet in the water and wanted out, but I had to pull her in the water (making it fun by laughing and tickling her.)  After I let her dunk me a few times she warmed up a little and swam to the bottom to get the hat - her new game.  

This winter, I have been making phone calls to find a public pool that offers family swim.  Locally, I found the Cumming Aquatic Center, Cumming Georgia.  It is a little far but the hours are great and I heard that the pool is warm!

Here we are.  The water is warm but it's cold in the showers!

Where do you go for family swim during the cold months?

Please leave me your comment, Miss Bea