February 22, 2013

Start your own Swimming Business?

I had my own swimming lesson business in my back yard for over 30 summers!  If you have a pool you might be able to have your own swimming lesson business.  I can help you!

In this article by Aquatics International  swimmers are encouraged to "Jump in!
The industry has lucrative careers for young people passionate about swimming."

If you want to make it a full time career, I agree with the article that it is complicated and can be expensive to start.  But, you can do this for the summers only and don't have to invest a lot of money.

"Once you’ve decided you can handle the high-octane environment that is a swimming business, you’ll need to thoroughly explore all the options. Opportunities in this industry aren’t often exposed, resulting in a highly unrecognized career path. However, there are multiple arenas out there, and you must be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone to scrutinize each one individually and determine what is right for you."

From my own experience, I had very little overhead and lots of profit.  I can teach you how to keep it simple and fun! I am retired and not in the pool teaching swimming myself any more.  I want to help others now.  I have my dvd with the swimming lesson steps, for the instructors and parents and time.  I would also love to have excuses to travel and would come to your town for free advertising when you start.

"The most common reason people give for their love affair with swimming instruction is the instant gratification factor. You can teach a child to read, play music and dance ballet, which are all great things, but they also are long-term processes that can take years to acquire. With swimming, however, one day the child is frightened; the next day, they can do it. It’s the best feeling in the world, which is perhaps why it draws people back year after year."

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February 18, 2013

Baby's First Bath

When it’s time for baby’s first bath we get nervous because the baby is slippery, she might get cold, we have to be careful about her belly button.   When we google "baby’s first bath” we find all kinds of suggestions and rituals.  But I know that my baby was in a liquid environment for 9 months, why shouldn’t he love his bath?  I would get all prepared and go for it!

So, how best to approach the baby’s first bath?
This is Julie's story:
My baby was born in January and it was cold so I put a space heater in the bathroom until the bathroom was toasty warm.  Then I filled the baby tub about 5 inches with water that felt warm to my elbow (because I read that somewhere).  Then I laid my baby into the baby tub that holds her in a reclined position and covered her with the “babyluve towel” (a great gift from my aunt).  

I promise you that she seemed to give me the most peaceful look.  She just laid there!! I sang to her and talked to her as I poured more warm water over her chest to keep the towel warm.  When I washed her gently, I was confident as she kept her eyes on mine.  Good thing Daddy was around to help me get her out of the tub with her hooded towel.  Then we wrapped her up in several warm blankets.  Until I felt that she was dry and her body “normal”.  I’m glad that she didn’t pee on me.  Next time I will put a diaper under her bottom with the blankets just in case.

In later baths I started to gently pour water on her face with a washcloth and wipe her nose so she would get used to water on her eyes and face.  Then with a small cup, I would count to three and pour about one ounce of water over her face.  Then, gently wipe her nose.

Now are we ready for the pool?

February 7, 2013

Not forgetting to love the water during the winter months!

This week was the first chance I've had to take Caroline swimming.  It's been about 8 weeks since we last went to the indoor pool. I was so worried that she had forgotten and would not want to get in the water with me.  She knew just where we were and to enter the water where it's like a beach.  

Oh no! she did not want to go under the water nor swim to me like she was willingly doing the last time we were there.  But I did not give up!

I had to swim to her under the water lots of times, get the toy from the bottom and watch her walk all over the shallow end.  Finally I just carried her to the deeper water and let her push my head under the water.  Well, she did that over and over and over.  Finally she started to have fun herself and soon she was jumping in the water just like before.

We were in the pool for about an hour and she cried when it was time to go get out.  She wanted to jump in to the part that I couldn't reach.  I think that she was remembering jumping off the diving board at her other grandma's house.    Watch the video of her jumping and swimming to the side at 2 years old.

I can't wait until Summer when we can go swimming more often and she can develop her swimming skills.  
Right now I just want her to be able to start at the same place we left off last summer.  I can't take her swimming more often because the indoor pool is pretty far away.  

But I know that is is worth all the effort we are taking this winter so that she doesn't forget and will be ready for more when it warms up outside.