April 30, 2012

Don't get Swimmer's Ear from swimming

I have an ear infection and have not been swimming.  There are two different kinds of ear infections.  The outer ear infection can be a result of getting water in the ear while swimming.  This is the Mayo Clinic on Swimmer's ear.
Doctors recommend using a couple of drops of "Swimear"  after getting out of the pool to prevent swimmer's ear.  You can make your own drops.  Make a 50:50 mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol for use after swimming or exposure to water. Apply 3-4 drops in each ear canal after swimming. This helps dry the canal and maintain the acidic environment of the ear canal.   I always keep some drops for my parents to use on the children.  It works to prevent the ear infection.  Take the time to do it.  It's worth it!!
But my ear infection is from allergies.  I am on antibiotics and should be better soon.

April 29, 2012

Why do young children drown in shallow water?

How can a 2 year old who loves the water drown in shallow water?  I believe that there is a valuable skill that very few parents and swim instructors address.  Even if a child can hold his breath and even swim a little, they can be a drowning statistic.  Can your child go to a stand up position in shallow water from a prone swimming position?  Let’s say your child is playing on the steps of the pool or in a shallow “baby pool”.  We have read statistics of children that drown because they have been left alone to play in the bathtub.  How does that happen?  From my experiences, I believe it is because they fall forward and find themselves on their bellies.  They have to be taught to push themselves back up.  I have taught children who can swim from me to the side of the pool, but when they slipped on the steps they could not get up; did not think to reach for the step and push their faces up.  Parents and swim instructors, practice this with your child!  Teach how to stand up in shallow water.  It is a necessary survival skill.

April 26, 2012

Babies Learn to Swim with Miss Bea on YouTube

Zane swimming at one year old!

I have just uploaded the introduction of my dvd, Learn to Swim with Miss Bea, on YouTube.  You can see it here: Learn to Swim with Miss Bea - introduction

My child loves her bath but is scared at the pool!

Playing and floating in the bathtub

My child is scared of the pool but loves the bath…
There are ways to prepare your child for swimming lessons or just to have fun at the pool.
Something has set your child to being scared.  It does make sense that a smart child will see that there is danger in "big water."  It is a healthy fear; one that saves young children from jumping into a pool unattended.  You want your child to feel safe when you are there.  Bring some of his favorite bath-tub toys and play near the pool.  Then, sit your child at the edge of the pool and you get in and play with the toys, inviting your child to get in with you. If the pool has long steps, sit on the steps and see if your child wil sit there with you.  Make your pool time short but often.  If you are impatient or your child still doesn’t want to get in the pool, You may have to just hold him and take him into the water.  Sing, jump around, talk softly and ignore any crying while sounding like you are having fun.  Go to the pool every day but just for short periods.  Don’t tell him ahead of time where you are going and let him see you have fun.  Take a relative or little friend who likes the water and can help your child forget his fears. Soon your little one will be playing and splashing and ready for going under the water!!

April 25, 2012

Any child can learn to swim, and you can teach them! If your child doesn't like water in his eyes...

James 3 months going under water
My child doesn’t like water in his eyes…
From the baby’s first bath, you need to pour water over his face when you wash his hair.  This will help to teach him to go under water.
But if you haven’t been doing this, try this as a game in the bath. Have the child pour water on a bath-tub toy’s head, then wipe it’s face. Have the child pour water on your face and then wipe your eyes.  It will be worth it believe me.  You can make sputtering noises to make it fun!
When it’s your child’s turn, tell him what you are going to do, count to 3 and put water over his head so that some of the water goes on his face.  Do this before you use any shampoo or soap. You may give the child a towel to wipe his face right way but let him ask for it. 

The best time to prepare your child for swimming is from his first bath.  Then before he is 6 months he can  be taught to hold his breath by blowing in his face. This is the link from Swimbea.com
Blow in his face

He takes a breath, automatically

Ready to go under water

Holding breath
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Miss Bea