Miss Bea

Beatriz Gaston Skeens 

  • In 2005 Miss Bea published the entertaining, 7 chapter step-by-step swim lesson DVD. 
  • Learn to Swim with Miss Bea, features parents with their children of varying ages from infant to 6 years old.
  • In 2007, Miss Bea presented her baby swim program at the International Conference of The World Aquatic  Babies and Children Network in St Petersburg, Florida (WBAC)
  • Miss Bea has received numerous awards and commendations.
  • In 1975 Miss Bea started her own innovative, independent 2 week baby swim lesson program.
  • Miss Bea's exciting program became known in her community and was sought out every Summer by parents committed to teaching their young children how to swim in a short time, and to continue leading them to become proficient swimmers at a very young age. 
  • Certified Swimming Specialist since 1971
  • YMCA and YWCA experience
  • Presently Miss Bea continues giving baby swimming lessons, promotes new and innovative gentle baby swim programs through her youtube channel, Facebook, and blog.
  • Miss Bea is available to conduct workshops/seminars that train instructors and parents to use her methods in their communities at minimal cost.

Miss Bea says:                                 

Be the best teacher for your child!

Be amazed! 

Be confident!

You can do this!

About the DVD:

Released 2005 

Second edition, 2015 

English and Spanish versions 35 minutes each

For years I videotaped my students as teaching tools and just for fun! In 1999 I founded Swim Bea Productions with the purpose of producing a video for parents and swim instructors to teach babies and young children how to swim.

Awards and recognitions:

Family Review CenterGold Award and Best of 2012

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Miss Bea's Tip: Not necessary to close mouth when child goes underwater!

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