Baby Swim

Follow Miss Bea's lessons and demonstrations, to teach your baby to swim and be safe in the water.

games to play, and goals to conquer, a step-by-step swim program

Swimming activities from newborn to 6 years old

A necessary life-saving skill

Liking the water is not necessary, you make it fun

Everything you need to teach your own child to swim

Answers to your most urgent baby swimming needs starting with the bath with video demonstrations:

Calming activities for a fretful baby

Holds for your baby to practice the back float

The signal before you pour water on baby's face

Games for Kicking and digging 

Prepare your baby for going under water in the pool


Hold your baby to maintain eye contact 

Move your baby in the water facing you

Your baby looks at you in the back float.

You dunk your baby under the water

You are confident, gentle, calm, and loving. 

Parents who need HELP! 

Answers to your most urgent baby swimming needs with a free phone consultation with your purchase

My child is afraid of the waterl

First you need games and bribes to get your child in the water because you make it fun!

Take you child into the water with you even if he screams.

Hold your child and sing and bounce.

Have the child push YOUR head under the water and laugh and make funny noises.

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