May 15, 2013

Water Safety Month- Teach your baby to swim!

May is National Water Safety Month.  

The Learn to Swim with Miss DVD can give parents knowledge to teach their children to be safe in the water from their first bath.   Many parents don't think about swimming until their child can walk.  But early water safety skills can save your baby's life!

The most basic skill is for your baby to be familiar with having water on the face, knowing not to swallow water.  Even without going to swimming lessons, parents can play games with their baby in the tub and pool that can save their life.

Babies can hold their breath for even more than 2 minutes!  This is longer than adults.  Many drowning rescues occur in that time frame.  If a baby can hold his breath, he will survive.  The Learn to Swim with Miss Bea DVD has many more activities for the bathtub and for the swimming pool for children up to 4 years old.

Don't wait till you child is ready to swim; there are things you can do to make your child want to swim, even if your child is scared of the water.

You may believe that you can't teach your own child, but that is simply not true!  Parents will feel confident in teaching their own children following the simple step by step demonstrations by parents and their children on the DVD.

Order today.