May 17, 2014

Swimming with baby Parker

YOU can put your child underwater!  It is so good for your baby!   

I want to teach you this parenting skill

Watch this video and do it with your baby!

This is non-traditional swimming instruction on baby swimming, but the fact is that it's good for them, and research supports it.

Parker underwater - grandchild number 6 - swimming early!

Have an attitude of fun!
I was nervous and excited his first time at the pool at 3 months.  
We played and floated and I poured water on his face like his parents have been doing in his bath.  Then I dunked him under water. 
The second and third times he was gliding and staying under great!

Continue pouring water on his face at least once a week, don't let him forget!  Go to a pool once a month even in the winter!   

Write me your ideas and suggestions as well as your questions and concerns!