October 6, 2015

Gain confidence when putting your child underwater

Ali Grace underwater - one year old

Babies are swimming animals before they are born!  To continue this mindset, will ensure positive future swimming experiences.  Squeeze the  clean washcloth on the baby's face, first on the side, then over the eyes. Do this at every bath! As the child gets older, pour more water.  Pouring water on the baby's face in the tub will prepare your child underwater submersion in a pool. This does not harm your baby.  These babies are used to having water on their face.

Make sure to pour water on the face of your baby in the bath, then do the same in the pool.
Don't forget to play games have fun! 

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  youtube video - Learn to Swim with Miss bea

March 16, 2015

Special Needs Kids Need Swimming Lessons too!

Many have called me through the years to ask my advice about their special needs children.  When Hannah's sweet mama recently reached out to me uncertain about the swim lessons she had just started with her little 10 month old, I told her to go for it!  Take it easy and have fun and keep it up all year!

Hannah and her mami, uncertain about the water!!

Hanna's first swimming lessons. 

Start your lessons in the tub!!

My newest grandbaby...

March 13, 2015

Will my child ever learn how to swim?

This Summer your child was well on the way to becoming a confident swimmer.  But it seemed to be taking forever and you just didn't have time to devote to this very important life skill.

Even though the weather is not conducive to swimming, find an indoor pool where you can go to continue to practice - even once a month.

If you don't have a pool near by nor any swimming lessons available for your children, then you have to practice in the tub!  Fill up the tub and practice.  Even get goggles and put them on in the tub to catch the toys at the bottom.

Getting a toy from the bottom 

Proud that he did it!

The most important thing is for the child to be comfortable going under the water.

Don't give up!  It takes time and dedication.  Some children need lots of help and support before they take off swimming on their own.  

I'm proud of this Daddy practicing in the hotel pool while on vacation!  He is right there for 4 year old James as he plays going under water and diving for toys.   

It is important not to get discouraged and give up on your child but take advantage of every chance you get in the pool.  

Practice in the bathtub or hot tub every chance you get.