February 18, 2013

Baby's First Bath

When it’s time for baby’s first bath we get nervous because the baby is slippery, she might get cold, we have to be careful about her belly button.   When we google "baby’s first bath” we find all kinds of suggestions and rituals.  But I know that my baby was in a liquid environment for 9 months, why shouldn’t he love his bath?  I would get all prepared and go for it!

So, how best to approach the baby’s first bath?
This is Julie's story:
My baby was born in January and it was cold so I put a space heater in the bathroom until the bathroom was toasty warm.  Then I filled the baby tub about 5 inches with water that felt warm to my elbow (because I read that somewhere).  Then I laid my baby into the baby tub that holds her in a reclined position and covered her with the “babyluve towel” (a great gift from my aunt).  

I promise you that she seemed to give me the most peaceful look.  She just laid there!! I sang to her and talked to her as I poured more warm water over her chest to keep the towel warm.  When I washed her gently, I was confident as she kept her eyes on mine.  Good thing Daddy was around to help me get her out of the tub with her hooded towel.  Then we wrapped her up in several warm blankets.  Until I felt that she was dry and her body “normal”.  I’m glad that she didn’t pee on me.  Next time I will put a diaper under her bottom with the blankets just in case.

In later baths I started to gently pour water on her face with a washcloth and wipe her nose so she would get used to water on her eyes and face.  Then with a small cup, I would count to three and pour about one ounce of water over her face.  Then, gently wipe her nose.

Now are we ready for the pool?

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