September 15, 2017


With the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea DVD, YOU CAN teach your baby to swim from the first bath.

Miss Bea will show you what to do and you will be amazed! 

CHANGE your scared toddler to love swimming!

Be strict and not nervous.  Have fun!  

Let him push you under water and laugh! 

Every day Activities become Enriching Games for Swimming Lessons for your Preschooler!

  • blowing out the candle
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • looking for airplanes
  • blowing out the candle
  • doing the bumper fish
  • catching the wall
  • doing the rocket 
  • doing the flip float
Your child will enjoy watching the video and will do the same!  Here is the 4 minute introduction to the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea DVD:

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September 13, 2017

Mommy! NO water on my face!

Practice swimming in your back yard! Let's work on getting water on the face.  This is a good way to lead into swimming under the water in the pool when your child does not like getting his face wet.

Fun is the name of the game when it comes to swimming!

Do this in the shower - set the signal - make it fun!

Then, when your child doesn't mind getting his face wet...

Put a toy on the step in the pool so that he has to put his face in the water to get it!  
Soon your child will be swimming!

Don't let him forget, practice in the bathtub!

Durham has lots of fun in the bath!

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Use any major credit card with PayPal.

August 3, 2017

Liquidation Baby Swim DVD Sale - Teach your Child to Swim Today

Your child can learn to swim - no excuses!  It is one of your most important jobs!
With many ideas from the baby's first bath 
to how to dunk your child with confidence
to what to do if your 2 year old will not put his face under water 
to improving your child's kick
to how to get your child to swim by himself
and much more - in English and Spanish!

E. Swimming to Mommy

I am having a DVD liquidation Sale.  I have too many DVD's and have a desire to put one in your hands!  I am putting it our there for the extremely low price of 2 for $10, that is $5 each from $24.95. This offer is only from my website and directly from me so take advantage of it now and order today!  Why am I lowering the price so much?  I want you to buy one for yourself and get one for a friend.  Maybe you can set a goal to go to the pool together and teach both of your children how to swim or to swim better!

E. loves looking at Daddy underwater

Going underwater together is a sure way to make it fun, especially if you take a picture!

Many parents are worried about putting their child under the water.  If you are gentle and loving, you do not have to worry about your child going under the water.  First you have to have your child used to having water on the face.  You should do this in the bathtub, pouring water on the baby's face with a cup.  You start with a little water and wipe his nose.  As your baby gets used to that, you increase the amount of water by counting the seconds.

For a baby older than around 6 months, have the baby pour water on your face or on a toy's face.  Have the baby wipe his own face and your face and the toy's face making funny noises.

Put a toy in the bottom of the tub and see if your child will put his face in and get it!  This is a good was for the child not to forget to put his face in the water over the winter months.

How to get your child to love swimming underwater.