Monday, March 16, 2015

Special Discount price for Spring 2015 just $9.95 Order today!

Spring is here and I have so many DVDs in boxes that should be in the hands of parents all over the world!  

When Hannah's sweet mama reached out to me this week uncertain about the swim lessons she had just started with her little 10 month old, my heart told me that I had to do something to get these DVDs out to you, my fans!

Hannah and her mami, uncertain about the water!!
Send me a happy picture of the 2 of you!

So, I lowered the price to make it more accessible to all of you.  And, don't forget to call me and write to me with your questions and concerns.

Also, if any of you want to start a swim business in your back yard, I'm here to encourage you!

Start your lessons in the tub!!

My newest grandbaby...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Will my child ever learn how to swim?

Last Summer, your child was well on the way to becoming a confident swimmer.  But it seemed to be taking forever and you just didn't have time to devote to this very important life skill.

Set yourself some goals for this year!  What are your obstacles?  Maybe you don't have the place or opportunity to have your child swim consistently until he learns how to swim proficiently.  You don't live near water, don't have a pool or any swimming lessons available for your children.  If that is you, then you have to practice whenever you can!

Even now, practice in the bath tub.  Even get goggles and put them on in the tub to see the toys at the bottom.  The most important thing is for the child to be comfortable going under the water.

Don't give up!  It takes time and dedication.  Some children need lots of help and support before they take off swimming on their own.  

I'm proud of this Daddy practicing while on vacation!  He is right there for 4 year old James as he plays going under water and diving for toys.   

It is important not to get discouraged and give up on your child but take advantage of every chance you get in the pool.  

Practice in the bathtub or hot tub every chance you get.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Swimming with baby Parker

Babies love to go underwater!  You can see it on Parker's face!   

Parker - grandchild number 6 - swimming early!
I have been teaching swimming for 40 years and still continue to be amazed.  
I wish parents weren't scared to try it!

Watch this video so you can be amazed with me!

There are many different philosophies on baby swimming, but regardless of the methodology and strategies, the fact is that it's good for them, and research supports it.
have your baby look at you!
Even though I know all this, and with all the years of experience, I was too nervous to submerge Parker his first time in the pool at 3 months.  
We played and floated and I poured water on his face like his parents have been doing in his bath.
Have an attitude of fun!

The second and third times however, we went we went under water.  Then, continue going under water at least once a week and don't let him forget!    

Read the following explanation of the diving reflex:

Humans have a swallowing reflex that is triggered automatically when liquid passes the throat. The epiglottis closes over the airways, so that no liquid enters the lungs. In addition, babies are born with a diving reflex that makes it possible for a baby to be submerged safely under the water. The epiglottis closes automatically as soon as the water touches the baby's face. Once above the water again, the breathing and swallowing actions return automatically, sometimes with a small cough. Some experts that say that the dive reflex disappears after 6 months, but practice shows that the dive reflex continues much longerWhen baby is under the water, he is stimulated automatically to move, and thus, at a very early age, the baby begins to actively move the arms and legs as if swimmingThe diving also helps to strengthen the baby's lungs and other organs. In addition, it's wonderful for the baby to feel weightless in the water, just as when he was in the womb. Babies sleep better after swimming and, some researchers believe that babies who participate in baby swimming get sick less often than non-swimming babies.
I want to show parents how to submerge their young baby under water with confidence

It's easy! The first time is the hardest. The baby may act surprised and even cry out. If you stay calm and happy and react positively, the next time you dunk him, your baby will love it! There is a new baby program from Denmark that has some great pictures and videos of 2 month old babies diving. Look for them at aquafeelings on the web and on youtube. I have more videos and pictures on my swimbea website and swimwithmissbea youtube channel. Also, write to me with your questions or concerns.
In addition to showing you how to put your baby under water, the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd demonstrates tricks for teaching swimming to kids that I have developed through experience, from reading books, and from strategies that other parents and swimming teachers have shared with me through the thirty years that I have been teaching swimming.

Write me your ideas and suggestions as well as your questions and concerns!

Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm going to eat your fingers - shark

Once your child will glide underwater to another person, we can say that he is swimming!  Now your job is to have your child love the water while gaining more and more control over it.  He is not water safe, and needs you every second

Thanks to my friend Linda for sending me this video that I want to share with you.  Here, little Andrew is being a shark.  Listen as Andrew yells: "I eat your fingers"  while he swims back and forth between Grandma and Daddy, never tiring, doing more and more.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Babies diving underwater at 8 weeks! Must see...

The introductory video to the New Active Baby Swimming Course, with my voice

Active Baby Swimming online video course is different from any other swimming program in the US in that the main objectives are not drown-proofing or swimming skills but the development and well being of the baby through the medium of water. And, that parents are encouraged to start baby swimming right after birth, from the time the umbilical cord is healed.  

Babies are reaping the benefits of baby swimming in Denmark while   parents in the US are told not to put our babies underwater until 6 months and even later!  We are discouraged from starting swimming early, waiting until our child is ready, oh! and don't let your baby swallow water...

In the first baby swimming lesson, you and your baby will perform several dives the first lesson.  You will also learn how to hold your baby in the water for various games and activities.  You will have fun and be amazed at what you and your baby can do!

Their success is supported by research on the "diving reflex" of newborn babies, and the evidence of 8 years of enthusiastic parent participation in the Nordic countries. 

"The basis of our unique approach is that the learning does not always depend on what the baby wants.  The mother learns the correct signals that affect the baby's state of mind in a positive direction.   Regardless of how the baby behaves or reacts, she is ready to praise the baby afterwards."

I have been following Allan and Birgitte Merrild of aquafeelings for more than a year on google plus and linkedIn, loving their pictures and videos of babies swimming underwater.  I wanted to know more, but all their writing and speaking was in Danish.  Then this summer, they started writing some posts in English.  

When I first looked at it, I loved the pictures and videos but the English read like it had been pasted straight from a translator.  I wanted them to be successful in their endeavors so I volunteered to help. 

I wanted to put my teaching experience in swimming and Spanish curriculum writing skills to good use.  I knew that they would not succeed if the English on their promotional material and program was not readable.  

They accepted my help and sent me the link to the videos that they had created.  I felt that God had called me to do this and thoroughly enjoyed learning as I watched the videos and re-wrote the script.  

I wanted to change as little as possible, so here is a short example of what I had to change when working on a section describing the dives:
"You can also choose to perform an extended dive with reverse grip, which is probably the most natural dives.
Mother runs her baby 3 times from stomach to back over water, followed by a dive with baby's head straight down and around under water, so the face end toward the mother of water."

I changed it to "You can also choose to perform the dive head first with the back hold where the parent moves the baby in the water while walking, which is probably the most natural dives.
The parent moves her baby 3 times from stomach to back over the water, giving the signal, followed by a dive with baby's head straight down under water, so the face ends toward the parent."

I also sent them a copy written with the changes so that they could see where the changes came from.  "You can also choose to perform the dive head first with the back hold where the parent moves the baby in the water while walking an extended dive with reverse grip, which is probably the most natural dives.
The parent moves runs her baby 3 times from stomach to back over water, giving the signal, followed by a dive with baby's head straight down and around under water, so the face ends toward the parent "of water."

There were parts that I did not understand at all even watching the video that went with it. Allan always patiently answered my questions with English that I knew came from a translator.  I tried to keep it simple and keep the flow and attitude of the writers.  

It took me a whole week but I finally was satisfied then I started the audio which I did using garage band.  The complete audio for the 31 instructional video clips was 45 minutes which they transferred to the videos right away, and they added my name to their website

So, watch these videos  and tell me what do you think?  Will it ever get popular in the US?

Watch the babies dive freely through the hoop.  Babies start at 2 months!

Watch baby and mother swim under water together!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Nadar con la Maestra Beatriz - Learn to Swim with Miss Bea in Spanish

I've been ignoring promoting the Spanish track of the DVD because I've been trying to get to the original Spanish files and work from them.  Well, I finally accepted that they became "corrupted"  sometime during the problem with my old computer.  

This is the first original video file that I got from the DVD with the program "handbrake".  I hope to do a few more of the clips in Spanish!

Do you know anyone who would like A Nadar con la Maestra BeatrIz?  My price for overseas sales is $24.95 and includes shipping!  I don't want to deter anyone from buying the DVD even if shipping costs have increased by 200%.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Practice Swimming in the Ocean

Children need to feel confortable swimming in any type of water: pool, ocean, or lake.  Practice with them and teach them how to be safe always enjoying every moment!

Watch my grandchildren practice swimming in the ocean on St. Simons Island, Georgia.