August 7, 2018

The Baby Swim Neck Ring is not Dangerous!

The Baby Swim Neck Ring is not Dangerous!

The baby neck ring is the latest in fun ways to enjoy your baby in the water, good water therapy and other benefits. The safety of the neck float is being questioned by swimming experts, but as long as you stay next to your baby, there is no chance of drowning!

Order one online!  Please make sure that you test it first by putting it under water after you blow it up.  
Here are some links to read more about it:

Have you tried it?  Let me know what you think!!!

May 4, 2018


With the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea DVD, YOU CAN teach your baby to swim from the first bath.

Miss Bea will show you what to do and you will be amazed! 

CHANGE your scared toddler to love swimming!

Be strict and not nervous.  Have fun!  

Let him push you under water and laugh! 

Every day Activities become Enriching Games for Swimming Lessons for your Preschooler!

  • blowing out the candle
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • looking for airplanes
  • blowing out the candle
  • doing the bumper fish
  • catching the wall
  • doing the rocket 
  • doing the flip float
Your child will enjoy watching the video and will do the same!  Here is the 4 minute introduction to the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea DVD:

Order your Learn to Swim with Miss Bea DVD today! 

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January 14, 2018

Swim with your child during the cooler months!

Kids forget how to swim when they learn under 5 years old.  It is imperative to take your baby swimming to an indoor pool during the cooler months. Learning to swim is not like learning to ride a bike.  Children often develop a fear of the pool from year to year.  Parents get so busy with the holidays, and the cold weather does not make it appealing to go swimming!

The last time I took Caroline swimming at my neighbor's pool, she was so cold that I couldn't coax her to jump in!  She put her feet in the water and wanted out, but I had to pull her in the water (making it fun by laughing and tickling her.)  After I let her dunk me a few times she warmed up a little and swam to the bottom to get the hat - her new game.  

This winter, I have been making phone calls to find a public pool that offers family swim.  Locally, I found the Cumming Aquatic Center, Cumming Georgia.  It is a little far but the hours are great and I heard that the pool is warm!

Here we are.  The water is warm but it's cold in the showers!

Where do you go for family swim during the cold months?

Please leave me your comment, Miss Bea

September 13, 2017

Mommy! NO water on my face!

Practice swimming in your back yard! Let's work on getting water on the face.  This is a good way to lead into swimming under the water in the pool when your child does not like getting his face wet.

Fun is the name of the game when it comes to swimming!

Do this in the shower - set the signal - make it fun!

Then, when your child doesn't mind getting his face wet...

Put a toy on the step in the pool so that he has to put his face in the water to get it!  
Soon your child will be swimming!

Don't let him forget, practice in the bathtub!

Durham has lots of fun in the bath!

August 3, 2017

Learn to Swim with Miss Bea - Teach your child to Swim

Your child can learn to swim - no excuses!  

It is one of your most important jobs!

Learn to Swim with Miss Bea will show you:

 Learn to swim ideas starting with the baby's first bath 
How to dunk your child with confidence
what to do if your 2 year old will not put his face under water 
How to improve your child's kick
How to get your child to swim by himself
And much more - in English and Spanish!

E. Swimming to Mommy

E. loves looking at Daddy underwater

Going underwater together is a sure way to make it fun, especially if you take a picture!

Many parents are worried about putting their child under the water.  If you are gentle and loving, you do not have to worry about your child going under the water.  First you have to have your child used to having water on the face.  You should do this in the bathtub, pouring water on the baby's face with a cup.  You start with a little water and wipe his nose.  As your baby gets used to that, you increase the amount of water by counting the seconds.

For a baby older than around 6 months, have the baby pour water on your face or on a toy's face.  Have the baby wipe his own face and your face and the toy's face making funny noises.

Put a toy in the bottom of the tub and see if your child will put his face in and get it!  This is a good was for the child not to forget to put his face in the water over the winter months.

How to get your child to love swimming underwater.

October 6, 2015

Gain confidence when putting your child underwater

Ali Grace underwater - one year old

Babies are swimming animals before they are born!  To continue this mindset, will ensure positive future swimming experiences.  Squeeze the  clean washcloth on the baby's face, first on the side, then over the eyes. Do this at every bath! As the child gets older, pour more water.  Pouring water on the baby's face in the tub will prepare your child underwater submersion in a pool. This does not harm your baby.  These babies are used to having water on their face.

Make sure to pour water on the face of your baby in the bath, then do the same in the pool.
Don't forget to play games have fun! 

Watch the video on youtube and subscribe to my channel for more baby swim videos that will answer all your questions, and buy my DVD, Learn to Swim with Miss Bea.

  youtube video - Learn to Swim with Miss bea