October 25, 2012

how to teach your baby to swim (under 7 months)

Here are the proven instructions to teach babies to go under water if under 7 months using the air in the face reflex:
Blow like a gentle gust of wind onto the baby’s face.  You can see your baby take in a gulp of air and/or make a funny face – do this several times before you go in the pool to see if your baby still has this reflex. (This reflex is usually lost between 4 and 9 months)

Follow these steps in the pool:
  • After the baby is comfortable and playful in the water, hold the baby under the arms facing you, and make eye contact with your baby. 
  • Count to three to set the signal,
  • blow quickly on your baby’s face
  • watch your baby make the funny face
  • smoothly and gently lower the baby’s head completely under the water for one second
  • When you raise your baby, wipe your baby’s nose so that not even a tiny water bubble will go into the nose. 
  • Give your baby a hug to your chest so that the baby will blow out and not swallow any air.  Skipping this step may cause the baby to develop a hard tummy.  This may become a big burp, and may even lead to throwing up.  
  • Immediately distract your baby with a toy.
  • Do this about 5-10 times a session if the baby doesn’t show any discomfort.
  • Extend the time under the water to up to 5 seconds pulling your baby toward you for a short glide as you step back.
  • Place your hand gently behind your baby’s head gliding your baby to another person.
  • Scatter underwater practice with practice on the other skills as instructed on the dvd, and playing with your baby.
  • Enjoy your time together!

October 9, 2012

The Family Review Center gave the Seal of Approval to my Learn to Swim dvd!

Offering Honest Reviews on Awesome Products

Another GREAT Product !!!

Learn to Swim with Miss Bea -
A Nadar con Maestra Beatriz -dvd

REVIEW ID: 1002466
SRP: $24.95
AGES: 4 mo+

COMPANY: SwimBea Productions
WEBSITE: www.swimbea.com
DESCRIPTION: Hundreds of parents have used Miss Bea's unique activities
 and games to teach their children how to swim. You want the best for your
child and you want to start from the baby's first bath! You want to do all you
can to make your child not only water safe, but to love the water. Teach your
child the basic swimming techniques with this swim lesson DVD for infants
and children... You have a brand new baby and want to have your child
love the water! You also want to make your baby water safe. Or, maybe
your child has not had many water experiences and you want to prepare
your child for swimming lessons. Miss Bea's Learn to Swim DVD will
help you and your child prepare to get in the water with confidence.

Visit Miss Bea's Blog Here

REVIEWER NOTES: By following Miss Bea's easy instructions you
as a parent or teacher can teach children how to swim, effectively and confidently.
She is so easy to follow, which allows you to be in command of the situation
from the moment you step in to the pool.

Using simple little games and water activities that show them how to hold
their breath, have fun and maneuver their body in water, children quickly
lose their apprehensions (if they have any) and learn to get around in the
water and swim.

Watch the video and allow your child to watch it as well. This will enhance
your lessons with them as they view other children what you will be encouraging
them to do.

Whether your child has never stepped in to a pool before, or they have had
lessons but still need to improve, this DVD is for you!

DVD is about 35 minutes long and teaches in both english and spanish.

I fully recommend this one and encourage you to get them in to the pool
early in life, before fear steps up to the plate.

Water safety is so important, as we hear of so many children drowning each year.
Please be sure your child knows water safety rules and learns how to swim at a
very early age.

You can do this! You need to do this. They need you to do this.
They need to do this.

Miss Bea says: "Thank you Family Review Center!"

October 8, 2012

Swim with the Pumpkins in October

October is the month of pumpkins but don't forget about swimming!

So, swim with the pumpkins!

Don't forget all the fun and skills that you learned over the Summer!  I you didn't learn how to swim, you have all year to prepare yourself for next Summer!  

There are lots of swimming lesson programs for babies!  Don't be afraid of the public pools.  When you take a child to a public pool, check the pool temperature to make sure it is not too cool.  Also after the pool, shower the baby/child to remove the pool chemicals.  Otherwise the public pools are very safe, especially in the off season when there are fewer people in the pool.