June 27, 2012

Baby in Russia Swimming in the Tub!

See a video of a baby actually swimming in the bathtub.  Often there are claims of babies swimming but they really are not.

How old do you think this baby is?  
He is loving swimming in the bathtub!  
What did this parents do to teach him to do this?  
Did they prepare him by pouring water on his face?  
Did they always have lots of water in the tub? 
Did they get in the tub with him?  
He is having so much fun!
The Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd will show you many fun activities to do in the bathtub and this is amazing. 

Write to me if you have ever seen anything like it.  What a goal for your baby!

June 25, 2012

Swimming and Diving Olympic Trials start!

Follow the London 2012 Olympics at the official website.  
Go to the NBC Olympic website to find the schedule of your favorite events.  You don't want to miss it!  Now you can record the late night events and watch them whenever you want!
Get inspired watching the swimming and diving Olympic trials on NBC at 8 pm every night this week.  You and your children will be inspired at the struggle for perfection.  The commentators will have you meet and get to know the young people who have worked so hard most of their lives.  Their Olympic future is being determined in one day!  Making the team!  

Michael Phelps just made the team again!  He is the first male to participate in 4 straight Olympics.  So many people look up to him!
Lochte beat Phelps but both will be in the Olympics!
  Look for more comments to come!


June 21, 2012

Are you taking an infant to a public pool?

Steps you should take if you take your infant to a public pool: 
Be sure that the pool that you use is properly maintained and balanced.
The water temperature of the pool should be more than 81 degrees. 
Get the baby accustomed to the water slowly because of the change 
necessary to the baby’s body temperature.  
Don't keep a young baby in cool water more than 10 minutes at a time.
Hold your baby close to you to give him a feeling of security.  
Sing and talk to him calmly.  
Do not show any signs of nervousness or alarm.  
Use smooth movements, not jerky ones.  
When the baby goes under the water or gets water on his face, 
hug him to you so that he is forced to blow air out.  
Wipe his nose so not even a tiny drop of water goes up his nose.  
Always have your child rinse off the pool chemicals and use ear drops, 
such as "Swim Ear", that help prevent ear infections.
Have fun!

June 18, 2012

Win a free swimming t-shirt

Do you want to win a free t-shirt? 

If you bought a Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd, I would love to hear the lesson, activity or game that you/your child liked best.  Tell me how your child progressed and how s/he is swimming this summer.  You can write to me here or on my facebook page.   
I will choose 5 or more of the best stories/pictures and send you a super quality lime green t-shirt, a hat or a pool toy for your child.  I have lots of t-shirts size 10 -12 so please write in even if your child has grown up!  Winners can choose to receive a brand new dvd to give away as a gift.  You must specify how the dvd helped to make your child become a better swimmer.
If your write on this blog as anonymous, please send me a copy of your comments by email, or include your email address.  By submitting your story and picture, you are giving permission to use them on my blog and n facebook.  I will not use the full child's full name. 
The contest will expire midnight Saturday June 30th.
 Please include child’s first name, age, and t-shirt size in the description.  I will comment or send you an email within 48 hours of receiving your story.  If you don't hear from me then please re-send it by email.  I don't want to leave anyone out.

Love,  Miss Bea 

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June 17, 2012

Baby Rosanna Swimming after Heart Surgery at 7 Weeks

I am finding great articles on infant swimming.  Most are from the UK and Australia.
There are several articles about Rosanna who had open heart surgery when she was 7 weeks old. She learned to swim because her doctors suggested to the parents that swimming would help her recover and gain her full strength. 

This Article from the UK says she tried the pool at 10 weeks old and has been swimming ever since.  “Babies need to become familiar with the water, gain confidence and have fun which is what early swimming lessons are all about."  From www.swimming.org 

It claims that before she was 2 she was swimming front crawl and butterfly strokes!

June 12, 2012

Baby born with Down's syndrome defies development predictions - thanks to swimming lessons!

I love pictures of babies under the water.  This baby is special!

 Read this article about baby Scarlet swimming. It is truly inspiring.  If swimming helps a baby with Down's syndrome, just think of what swimming can do for your baby!

June 5, 2012

SUMMER SPECIAL - 20% off the price - order today!

You can have confidence in teaching your child how to swim and be safe in the water.  I am offering the dvd Learn to Swim with Miss Bea for 20% off the regular price of $24.95.  Order in June and July and pay $20 with no shipping charges!!

Order your video today.  Don't let your baby wait until he gets older start learning how to swim.  Have fun with your child now while teaching him a life skill that could save his life.  I have a group special for orders of 10 or more.  Swim instructors or child care workers can contact me for more information on how you can make this available for your students.

Don't deprive your child and yourself of the fun and excitement of learning how to swim.  Children who are scared of the water can learn to like it!  Waiting until your child "is ready" is a cop-out! Just use my techniques and you can do it. I have seen children cry for 4 days and then begin to love the water again!

This is what i made the "trailer".  It is the summarizer at the end of the video.  The 3 children that you see are the stars of the movie though there are 24 children in all demonstrating the techniques with their parents.

June 4, 2012

Learn to Swim in the Road

Wow!  What a picture!  I love to swim but would not even have this dream.
Are you one of the families that gets much of their swimming practice with their kiddies when you are on vacation?  Be prepared with the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd.  It shows you many games and activities to do with your kids.  They will be having fun in the pool and and they won't even know that you are teaching them to swim.

If you child cannot go under the water, watch this video.  This is just one of the games that are on the video.
Write to me and we can talk if you have some questions or advice!

June 1, 2012

Andrew's First Swim Meet

Our grandson, eight years old, had his first swim meet yesterday and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it.  He has come such a long way!  He has had tube in his ears and had trouble with going under the water, and floating on his back when he was younger.  He wears special ear plugs but he told me that when the water leaks in, it makes him swim faster!  
Andrew is the star of the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd.  He was a baby when I made it.  You can see him when I show him with the holding breath reflex when he was 4 months. and you can see his mom putting water over his face in the bathtub and his dad dunking him at 7 months!

Andrew and I