June 27, 2012

Baby in Russia Swimming in the Tub!

See a video of a baby actually swimming in the bathtub.  Often there are claims of babies swimming but they really are not.

How old do you think this baby is?  
He is loving swimming in the bathtub!  
What did this parents do to teach him to do this?  
Did they prepare him by pouring water on his face?  
Did they always have lots of water in the tub? 
Did they get in the tub with him?  
He is having so much fun!
The Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd will show you many fun activities to do in the bathtub and this is amazing.

Write to me if you have ever seen anything like it.  What a goal for your baby!

June 21, 2012

Are you taking an infant to a public pool?

Steps you should take if you take your infant to a public pool: 
Be sure that the pool that you use is properly maintained and balanced.
The water temperature of the pool should be more than 81 degrees. 
Get the baby accustomed to the water slowly because of the change 
necessary to the baby’s body temperature.  
Don't keep a young baby in cool water more than 10 minutes at a time.
Hold your baby close to you to give him a feeling of security.  
Sing and talk to him calmly.  
Do not show any signs of nervousness or alarm.  
Use smooth movements, not jerky ones.  
When the baby goes under the water or gets water on his face, 
hug him to you so that he is forced to blow air out.  
Wipe his nose so not even a tiny drop of water goes up his nose.  
Always have your child rinse off the pool chemicals and use ear drops, 
such as "Swim Ear", that help prevent ear infections.
Have fun!