May 17, 2014

Swimming with baby Parker

YOU can put your child underwater!  It is so good for your baby!   

I want to teach you this parenting skill

Watch this video and do it with your baby!

This is non-traditional swimming instruction on baby swimming, but the fact is that it's good for them, and research supports it.

Parker underwater - grandchild number 6 - swimming early!

Have an attitude of fun!
I was nervous and excited his first time at the pool at 3 months.  
We played and floated and I poured water on his face like his parents have been doing in his bath.  Then I dunked him under water. 
The second and third times he was gliding and staying under great!

Continue pouring water on his face at least once a week, don't let him forget!  Go to a pool once a month even in the winter!   

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  1. This is so interesting. I never realized that infants already knew how to swim. Will they be able to swim forever after this? Why don't more people do this?

  2. My mom said that I loved the water as a child and I still do today. I have seen my nieces and nephews learn how to swim and the differences were very apparent. Some of them jump in with no care to their safety while others don't even like the water. I hope my kids take to swimming because it is a lot of fun.


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